National Camps Conference 2009

Conference Gala Dinner

Key note Topic- ‘Call to Arms’

Key note Title- Visions of Sustainable Prosperity for Planet Earth

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”       Margaret Mead

For years society has tried to get people in positions of power to care; now we’re going to get people who care into positions of influence. We need strong, venturous leadership, we need people who will lead, develop and influence our communities toward sustainable future prosperity.

Socially, economically, environmentally and culturally we determine what our environment and planet looks like, what the world sees, how we want to live and what future we leave for generation’s to come.

I care about developing future leaders and ensuring a sustainable environment and earth for our youth. It is our youth that are part of a global community and are 100% of our future.

We want future generations to ask ‘How did you find the moral courage to rise to the challenge’ not say ‘What were you thinking, didn’t you care’.

Concurrent workshop session 5

Topic- How to successfully implement a ‘Sustainability Leadership Program and Learning Centre’

Title- Sustainability Leadership – Our Future Demands It.

Sustainability leadership is about creating a collaborative learning environment to motivate, empower and educate the future leaders who, with these new skills and understanding, will lead business and community into a sustainable future.

We need innovative and immediate change in paradigms to unlock sustainability as a pathway for future generations.  A Camp’s vision, environment, staff and facilities can make this a reality, by developing and delivering sustainability leadership programs across a range of demographics we will ensure our circle of influence is great.

We are aware of the urgent need to address climate change, carbon emissions, water, energy, biodiversity and environmental challenges, through a range of programs it is possible for the camps sector to be leaders in creating a sustainable future and assist with the shaping of our future leaders.

By taking a ‘buildings that teach’ philosophy we are able to connect with people during their time spent at a camp, by engaging and connecting them to the natural environment we can have a lasting impact on their behavior, mind set and long term actions which can lead to more sustainable habits.

Camps can be at the leading edge of innovation in youth leadership, regional and community development, camps have the ability to quickly respond to community and market demands and through partnerships we understand we can cause a greater change to society and the environment.

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