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Climate leadership

I want to share an example of climate leadership that helps make the case for a bold and fair treaty from the Copenhagen climate talks next month. Last year Johson Diversey joined WWF’s Climate Savers by making a commitment to directly reduce its greenhouse emissions by 8% by 2013, against 2003 levels.

Due to investment, research, planning and because their employees rallied around the cause, the company was able to announce that it will triple its absolute emissions reductions commitment to 25% over the same period. Climate Savers is a World Wildlife Fund program comprising 22 leading corporations that have made exact commitments to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

Over the past ten years, Climate Savers companies have prevented the emission of 50 million tons of CO2, the equivalent of Switzerland’s annual emissions. If a multinational corporation like JD can achieve this, imagine what will happen if all of us triple our commitment. Different ways to do this—for businesses, individuals, families and students— are listed at (click on the banner at the top). Climate Savers companies have shown that absolute greenhouse gas emission reductions do not impede business growth.

Environment versus economy is no longer a justifiable argument. Saving the planet can make good business sense—even in the short term: for a $12 million investment in emissions reductions, JohnsonDiversey will reap $32 million in cost savings.

There are two messages associated with this development: – The bottom line and tackling climate change can go hand in hand – We need a bold and fair climate change agreement out of Copenhagen To help share these messages, we have created an Electronic Press Kit, which includes embeddable banners, videos, MP3 files and other digital assets, at: .

The Press Kit also contains a copy of this year’s Green Building Market and Impact Report by Rob Watson, “father” of the LEED green building standard. This report was released during a Webinar with Johnson Diversey President & CEO Ed Lonergan. Please feel free to use and distribute this content and links freely, including posting it to any of your websites.

Let The Clean Economy Begin The Let The Clean Economy Begin campaign unites Climate Savers companies with a common message that it is possible to grow business while reducing carbon emissions. These companies are calling on both their peers and political decision makers to make the changes necessary to move the world toward a clean economy; and for COP15 to deliver an ambitious, fair and effective agreement to cut global greenhouse gas emissions.

An introductory video can be found in our EPK at: . The world’s leading companies are saying to world leaders, We are implementing changes—now it’s your turn. It’s time to exhibit true climate leadership in ushering in a new era of possibilities. The future is calling.

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