Introducing Studio Green – Cool and Green

Introducing Studio Green follow link to read about studio green and how Shape Our Future is powering sustainable projects and initiatives.

We are currently seeking content, advertisers and sponsors for our upcoming digital editions versions.

email for more details or to make submissions.

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Studio Green – The latest Cool and Green content needed

Seeking Cool and Green content

Studio Green has recently launched and we are now seeking ‘Expressions of Interest and Submissions’ from content authors to provide original short articles, profile pieces, reviews etc for free use and publication in the Studio Green online blog and, potentially, in the upcoming ‘Digital Editions’ version.

Studio Green is powered by Not-for-Profit Shape Our Future to communicate the latest ‘Cool and Green’ things under the following topics – Design, Tech, People, Style, Travel, Culture, Food + Drink, Environment, Sustainability.

Our mantra is “Cool and Green’ if it fits that criteria we want to hear about it so others can read about it.

If you have a passion for writing and for all things ‘Cool and Green’ we would love to hear from you. As we are a NFP all submissions are made pro bono, non-commercial creative commons license deemed granted, fair use applies and appropriate author attributions will be made.

Submit your EOI or submit a piece here.

For further information please contact our founder here.

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