Geoff Gourley selected as speaker & session chair at 2013 Government Sustainability Conference

Embedding sustainability in government organisations.

Melbourne – October 7 & 8, 2013

Mr. Gourley, Director – Sustainability Integration with NuGreen Solutions will present new solutions, practical strategies and case studies.

The thesis of his presentations is that Green Building Innovation and Re-lifing Buildings can assist the property sector, building owners and tenants take control of resource efficiency, costs and carbon emissions through the use of the latest, innovative technology, solutions & delivery models.

NuGreen was established in 2011 to address the new and emerging resource related issues facing Australian organisations and properties. This is the third time geoff will present and chair at the Government Sustainability Conference.

Green Building Innovation – the next generation
He will address the following issues:

  • Management of increasing resource and property maintenance costs;
  • Green Building Innovations – particular focus on technology, lighting & software; and
  • Innovative delivery models enabling use and financing of latest technology, plant & equipment.

The main themes of the presentation will include:

  • The impact of new technology (e.g. LED lighting, organic response etc) on resource consumption;
  • The measurement and reporting of resource consumption, energy saving/carbon emission reduction; and
  • Process for identification and delivery of real solutions, incl project specific case studies

Government Sustainability Conference 2013

Christmas Polo with Shape Our Future

Preparations for the 2011 Christmas Polo are well under way and attendance at this year’s event is shaping up to an absolute necessity!

Again Shape our Future has reserved three exclusive ‘Field side’ marquees that will have a decidedly ‘green’ theme.

BOOKINGS are now being taken so reserve Saturday 26th November from noon till 6pm and join many of our friends and colleagues for a great day at the polo at Werribee Park.

This event offers the perfect transition from the excitement of the Spring Racing Carnival to the buzz of the summer social season and as always the atmosphere will be charged and the focus will be on entertainment, fashion and celebrations with friends.

Please email or contact Geoff on 0428 317 387 for ticket bookings or further information.

Shape Our Future Exciting Charity Polo Event – Saturday 5th Feb 2011 – Werribee Park

Hi friends and colleagues,

Welcome to 2011, a fresh year and another opportunity to demonstrate serious sustainability leadership across the globe.

As you know I am passionate about sustainability and the environment.

What you may not know is that I am passionate about Polo and am Executive Director of a Not-For-Profit called Shape Our Future , this organisation continues to undertake a number of exciting sustainability and environmental projects.

To ensure the success of these projects we undertake a number of fundraising events and campaigns throughout the year.

Special Polo Event

buy your tickets here

Now in our 3rd year the February International Polo event is a great way to celebrate the best of summer and nature in the beautiful surrounds at Werribee Park.

If you haven’t been before the February Polo International is the premier polo event of the season, this year’s feature match is Australia Vs USA.

Get the event information  here

We hope you and your friends or family are able to join us.

Donations needed!

If you are unable to make the event and wish to make a donation please refer to the deposit method below.

Westpac Bank
Account:            Shape Our Future
BSB:                      033 100
Account No:    287345
Ref:                     Donation / Name

Many thanks and I look forward to catching up with you at the event.

Defining Sustanability Leadership Article

CSL Alumni 2008

Defining Sustainability Leadership

Firstly let’s define ‘Sustainability’, there are a number of common principles which are embedded in most definitions of sustainability, these are…

The conservation of biodiversity and ecological integrity.
Constant natural capital and sustainable income.
Ensuring intRAgenerational (within generations) and intERgenerational (across generations) equity.
It is recognising and responding to global circumstances at a local level
It is dealing cautiously with risk, uncertainty and irreversibility
It is ensuring appropriate valuation of environmental assets
It is integration of environmental, social and economic goals in policies and
it is the activities, social equity, community engagement and participation which deliver results.

Sustainability Leadership is about creating a collaborative learning environment to motivate, empower and educate the community who, with new skills and understanding and by applying the above principals, will lead business and community into a sustainable future. We face a global climate crisis, more than ever before, we need innovative and immediate change in paradigms to unlock sustainability as a pathway for future generations.

Global and local communities need leaders to outline and vision a future, we need to consider and value our environment as an integral part of any sustainable society. Leadership in sustainability can make this a reality, by developing and delivering sustainability leadership programs to a range of individuals we will ensure our circle of influence is great and lasting.

We are aware of the urgent need to address climate change, carbon emissions, water, energy, biodiversity and environmental challenges, through a range of programs and initiatives it is possible for sustainability leaders to vision and influence a sustainable future and assist with the shaping of a sustainable planet.

By taking a leadership philosophy we are able to connect people from diverse backgrounds, whether from developing communities or already developed societies we need to engage and re-connect them to the natural environment, through sustainability leadership we can have a lasting impact on behaviors, mind sets and long term actions which can lead to more sustainable habits.

Last year I successfully completed a Fellowship in Sustainability Leadership, a program which was delivered by Centre for Sustainability Leadership, founded by the 2008 Environment Minister’s Young Environmentalist of the Year Award recipient Larissa Brown. This program gave me the tools to influence and inspire others; there are many more graduates that have gone on to become the leaders they imagined, however, we need more inspired leaders.

Inspired leadership is evident, yet, it is not evident everywhere, a positive approach is to develop inspired sustainability leadership within every part of society, every community, every sector, every country. It is my belief leaders are not born but they are identified, developed and made.

A good leader knows when it is time to change shape because they are highly attentive to those around them. Coming from a position of strength, a great leader takes risks by freeing up the creative genius in their followers to build their capability and multiply the talents of the community. This leads to a sense of community and to greatness.

It is true that inspired leaders share a number of qualities. Some of which are… Integrity, the ability to be courageous, having a social conscious, being able to understand others, facilitating cooperation, identifying and fostering innovation, ensuring collaboration amongst organisations and individuals, being creative, caring and maintaining a sense of humor.

We need Inspiring, venturous leadership to connect caring communities, caring people to begin influencing cultural, behavioral and attitudinal changes at a local level. Sustainability Leadership is needed across all sectors of business and in all types of communities, urban, regional, outback, beachside, farming, high country every corner of Australia needs leaders who are visionaries, leaders who care, leaders who can act, leaders that understand, leaders who make changes and leaders who want to shape our future.

Engaging with the community

Community engagement is certainly not new; in my research it is clear many of our best leaders have fantastic, all encompassing community engagement strategies, principles, goals and commitments. How leaders engage with their local community with regard to sustainability, environment, planning and emissions reductions is an interesting discussion point.

I believe most future sustainability leaders already know how to effectively engage with their community, in fact, for some people, that what they do best, consider those people you know who seem to know everyone and everyone knows them, then consider diving a bit deeper and ask yourself the following questions…

At what level do sustainability leaders engage with the community and what real results have been achieved?

Has the community’s youth been fully engaged or has the focus been around political and business leaders?

Focusing on the second point put yourself in Gen Ys’ shoes; there are plenty of unknowns, lots of things are changing around them, and they are neither fully aware of the rationale – nor in control of – those things changing. Even in times of more positive change, the first to buy-in are those who either, control and direct the change, or are experiencing change that is positive to them personally.

Remember? Our youth are trying to perform, succeed, and persevere – they deserve our respect. Those who aren’t? Well, now’s a good time for a change – it has never been more important than during challenging social, environmental and economic times.

We all need to pull our weight – the quicker we can get youth engaged as future sustainability leaders the faster we will become sustainable communities and a sustainable race? Now is the time to find out more, time to stand up and become a leader of your own future and in the process you can shape the future of humanity.

Article: Sustainability Leadership
Date: 20 August 2009
Author: Geoffrey Gourley
Publication: Victorian Association for Environmental Education (VAEE)

Keynote Speech National Camps Conference

Keynote speech delivered at National Camps Conference 2009

Good evening and thank you for attending the National Camps Conference here at Kindilan Outdoor Education and Conference Centre.

I arrived in Brisbane this morning to beautiful blue skies and a warming sun, I decided to go for a walk and explore the CBD and river area. I came across the Brisbane Botanical Gardens and lied on the soft grass, surrounded by native tropical trees and plants for a couple of hours enjoying the sun, the smells and sounds of the natural environment; and would like to share a thought I had while reflecting…

Make me a bird so I can fly away; take me to my sanctuary, my place of peace, my harmony.

Let me lose myself to the simple thoughts running through my head, it seems so right here.

I wish 1000 wishes that everyday could be the same. Today is my day to dream of blue skies. 

I think we could all afford a little time to reconnect with our environment.

For years now society has tried to get people in positions of power to care that has not worked; now we are going to get people who care into positions of influence.

We need strong, venturous leadership, we need people who will lead, develop and influence our communities and business toward sustainable future prosperity

The Australian Camps Sector, I believe, are just the passionate and caring people that we need to deliver real action and systemic change.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead made that statement which rings true to the challenges we currently face.

Sustainability Leadership is about creating a collaborative learning environment to motivate, empower and educate the future leaders who, with these new skills and understanding will lead us to a sustainable future.

Socially, economically, environmentally and culturally we determine what our environment and planet looks like, what the world sees, how we want to live and what future we leave for generations to come.

I recently attended dinner with Hon Al Gore, as part of the Climate Project Asia Pacific Summit, Mr Gore delivered a motivational speech, in which he called on us as a society and as a sustainability leaders to “find the moral courage to rise to the challenge” we don’t want future generations to say “what were you thinking?, didn’t you care”

We need innovative and immediate change to unlock sustainability as a pathway for future generations.

Camps can be at the leading edge of innovation in youth leadership, regional and community development, camps have the ability to quickly respond to community and market demands and through partnerships we understand we can cause a greater change to society and the environment.

Can we be the future shapers of Australia…Yes we can.

Thank you. Please enjoy the rest of the evening and the remainder of the National Camps Conference.

Dinner with Al Gore

Dinner with Al Gore

Sunday 12 July 2009 – The Great Hall – NGV

Hosted by
- Australian Conservation Foundation
- The Climate Project

I was privileged to attend an intimate dinner with Al Gore which was held during his recent visit to Melbourne as part of the Asia Pacific Climate Summit.

Seated with Senator Christine Milne – Greens Tasmania, Danny Vadasz – ACF and a number of other fascinating guests we heard Al Gore talk about the Asia Pacific Summit and training he is delivering to 300 participants from across 19 countries including China, Singapore, New Zealand, Fiji and Indonesia.

This is the first time people from the Asia-Pacific region have been brought together to be trained by the Honourable Al Gore.

The summit enables them to communicate directly with their communities about generating a combined effort to insist, as a region, on the best possible outcomes at Copenhagen.

The trainees represent a diverse group including diplomats, doctors, chief executives, students, economists, school principals, a fruit grower, a fire-fighter, climate relief workers and an associate professor of philosophy.

One in 75 Australians have now seen a presentation delivered by the 250 Al Gore-trained Climate Project Presenters working throughout communities in Australia.

“This really is the time to build a groundswell of public support in favour of strong action at Copenhagen,” said Don Henry, Executive Director of the Australian Conservation Foundation, which is helping to organise the training sessions.

The evening was thoroughly enjoyable with roving performers greeting guests upon their arrival, before we moved into the great hall, with its illuminated coloured glass ceiling, to enjoy dinner and conversation.

A set of 3 songs was performed by Katie Noonan, accompanied by a string quartet and guitarist. Climate Project ambassadors, Merrick and Rosso, provided their own unique presentation on the event and climate change which included a short spin around the gallery on a fold up bike.

A number of items were donated and auctioned to raise funds for ACF Copenhagen campaign featuring an $8,000 Intrepid overseas travel voucher, Akubra hat signed by Al Gore and many other great gifts.

As the evening drew to a close we walked away with an inspired and motivated vision to keep promoting and communicating the outcomes we seek to achieve in Copenhagen during December 2009.