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camo oakley sunglasses A San Francisco police indictment has taken down six crooked cops, who were arrested and accused of a host of federal civil rights abuses and corruption charges, including stealing and selling illegal drugs. According to a report on Feb. 27 from The Associated Press, as carried by the Huffington Post, the six officers were identified as: Sgt. Ian Furminger, 47, of Pleasant Hill; Officer Edmond Robles, 46, of Danville; former officer Reynaldo Vargas, 45, of Palm Desert; Officer Raul Eric Elias, 44, of San Mateo; and Officers Arshad Razzak, 41 and Richard Yick, 37, both of San Francisco. A three-year investigation revealed the men taking part in numerous illegal activities – selling marijuana, stealing seized drugs with the intent to sell, stealing money and gift cards from individuals arrested, as well as stealing valuables, such as computers. Civil rights violations were equally plentiful. Search and seizures were conducted without cause or proper warrant; intimidation of suspects was done with brazen disregard to the rights of the accused, and evidence was consistently falsified and manipulated to cover the abundant wrongdoing. It’s with good reason then that the San Francisco Chronicle called the indictments the “biggest scandal in the San Francisco police department since 2002. The Chronicle said the 2002 so-called “Fajitagate” case was en equal embarrassment to the force – A fight between three off-duty officers and two civilians busted out over a bag of fajita chips led to a criminal cover up and a civil trial. “I don't know that it gets any worse than this, other than an officer-involved serious injury or death, when the public trust is betrayed by a sitting San Francisco or any police officer,” San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr said in a news conference Thursday. “This is not only a betrayal of the public's trust, but also a betrayal of all the men and women of the San Francisco Police Department who work hard every day to do what they can to keep San Francisco safe,” Suhr added. The five current officers have all been suspended without pay. They are due to be arraigned today. Related article: Luis Rodriguez dies: Watch the cellphone video of the alleged police brutality