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oakley fives squared The worst time to be trying to book a flight is when you learn of the devastating news about a family members passing. You are likely to be emotional, especially if this person was close to you, in the past calling up an airline you would be greeted with utmost respect and understanding with the sudden passing of a loved one as you dive into the whirl wind of bereavement travel. It’s something no one wants to do, but unfortunately happens every day. Many airlines offer bereavement airfares, these are seats held for last minute family emergencies in which the cost is usually lower than regular last minute flights when providing the right information, such as hospital or funeral home of the deceased. American Airlines announced this week they will be ending bereavement fares from here on out. AA’s merge partner US Airways does not offer bereavement fares therefore AA is trying to migrate into the same policy standards as US Airways. However, there are still airlines that offer bereavement fares such as Delta and Continental Airways. While some individuals may be able to find cheaper flights through an online search, others may find it easier to just call in the time of need for assistants. Check with each airline that you are considering doing business with to see what they may be able to offer if you are ever in this situation. It may seem as though the airlines are taking a turn for less compassion, with this step, but there are plenty of online deals these days that can substitute for the quick emergency situation.