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oakley hijinx The following is a list and slideshow of 20 photos of the NHL ice girls with the hottest bodies in 2014. The NHL ice girls are sort of the equivalent of cheerleaders in other sports, except the NHL ice girls actually perform a useful service during NHL games.

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  • During breaks from the action in NHL games, the NHL ice girls skate onto the ice and remove ice shavings and other debris from the surface using shovels and sweepers. The ice girls mainly remove the debris from in front of the goals, where debris tends to stack up because that's where the action that builds up debris usually takes place. Hope you enjoy the photos of the NHL ice girls with the hottest bodies in 2014 (some photos from prior years). Watch for the NHL ice girls with the hottest bodies at NHL games and playoff games this year. NHL ice girls with the hottest bodies in 2014 (20 Photos)Dallas Stars ice girlsLots of hot women in the Dallas area, so the Dallas Stars have no trouble each year having ice girls with the hottest bodies around on the squad. Check out the photos if you don't believe me. Atlanta Thrashers ice girlsAlso lots of hot women in the Atlanta area, especially in the Buckhead area.Chicago Blackhawks ice girls (called crew)The defending Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks ice girls are also championship caliber.Phoenix Coyotes ice girlsThe Phoenix Coyotes ice girls wear the hottest uniforms.Philadelphia Flyers ice girlsPhiladelphia loves its Flyers, and the Philly fans love their Flyers ice girls too.Los Angeles Kings ice girls (called crew)Los Angeles is filled with hot women looking for jobs, and some of them can skate too.Calgary Flames ice girlsI've been to Calgary for the Stampede in the summer, and there are a ton of hot women in that pretty Canadian city.Tampa Bay Lightning ice girlsThe Tampa Bay Lightning ice girls will sometimes go into the crowd during games.Boston Bruins ice girlsBoston is another city with many hot women, especially college girls.