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oakley holbrook polarized Make-up and other beauty products are always helpful when it comes to hiding or covering common skin and hair problems, but sometimes you may need more tender loving care than just a dab of concealer. If you have a common beauty problem, like a pimple popping up overnight, dark, under-eye circles, frizzy hair or no time to wash your hair, problems with creased eyeshadow, or something else, then check out these quick-fix solutions offered by beauty experts! Under Eye Circles This is one of the most common problems both women and men suffer from on a daily basis. No one likes to wake up to those dark, under-eye circles. And if regular concealer isn't helping the problem, then try these professional tricks to lessen that raccoon-look. Try using creamier concealer as it tends to blend better and offer more coverage. Using your concealer brush, blend the applied concealer from the inner corner of the eye - which is usually the darkest area - to the outer corner of the eye. Be sure to use a concealer shade that is only one or two shades lighter than your skin tone, to avoid making the raccoon, under-eye circles worse. To keep the concealer in place all day, dust on a small amount of translucent powder to set the concealer. Another trick you might try, is to wear a brighter colored lipstick, which will take the focus off your dark, under-eye circles and instead, make your lips the focal point of your face. Eyeshadow Creasing Let's face it - this is a common beauty problem that happens more often than not. You're busy working throughout the day, or if it's a warmer day, your eyeshadow will probably end up creasing at some point. To keep the creases to a minimum and your eye makeup looking fresh, try using an eyeshadow primer whenever you wear eyeshadow. This can also help keep eyeliner in place for a longer amount of time too. If you don't have eyeshadow primer, then apply a small amount of foundation and powder to your eyelids prior to applying your eyeshadow, as this can also work as a back up primer. That Pesky Zit Another common problem many people face, is waking up with a pesky zit that seems to have popped up, literally, overnight. Don't fret, because there are ways to combat that pesky thing! To help hide your pimple, whether it be big or small, use first need to use some type of spot treatment on it - preferably something that has benzoyl peroxide in it to dry up the pimple. Then, lightly dot a thin layer of concealer on the pimple and pat it with your finger to blend. Add another thin layer of concealer (or two if needed) and lightly pat and blend. Lastly, dust translucent powder on the pimple and area around it, to set the concealer. If your pimple is red, you can also try dabbing some Visine on the pimple and let it try to remove as much redness as possible before applying your concealer and powder. No Shaving Cream This is one of the easiest problems to solve! If you've run out of your favorite shaving cream - don't worry! Hair conditioner can work just as well. Like shaving cream, it softens the skin, and also helps prevents nicks and cuts while you shave. Hair Frizz Does humidity or rain and wind do a number on your hair? No problem. You probably have a quick fix in your desk drawer at work or on your night stand at home. Use a little dab of hand lotion to tame those frizzies and flyaways. Pump a small amount of hand lotion (a pea size to a dime size should do, depending on how much hair you have and the thickness of your hair) and rub it between your palms. Then, apply it to the ends of your hair to tame those frizzies. If your hair is curly but frizzing up, then scrunch your curls with the same amount of lotion and watch the frizz disappear and your curls reappear. Don't Have Time to Wash Your Hair There is an awesome fix for this problem - dry shampoo! This miracle worker will refresh your hair, degrease it and make it look and smell, like you just washed and styled your hair. There are two types to choose from - the spray on type and the kind that you sprinkle on your hair. Both work well and will provide just the fix you need to freshen up your hair. For the best results, separate your hair into sections, and then spray or sprinkle the dry shampoo onto the roots and massage it into the hair thoroughly. And that's it! Then style your hair as usual. A good one to try that's reasonably priced - Garnier Fructis' Volume Extend Instant Bodifier Dry Shampoo.