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oakley prescription lenses Everyone is taught by someone. This is a reality I came to coming from three religions of Christianity, quasi-Satanism, and Native American spirituality, as well as socializing with peers, and sometime believing that I somehow had developed the worldview on my own. While all of these backgrounds were largely different from each other, being taught a form of belief of oneself and the world was the one thing they all had in common. Even the most liberal and independent person was told what being liberal and independent looked like. In general religion, this reality is not really an issue because it is accepted on the basis that the system or the person who taught it represents something divine. For many societies, divinity is the equivalent of purity. It is absolute truth that finally explains the world, instead of being a universal madhouse where anything and everything happens without care or purpose. Even people who follow science can become subject to this. Students are taught lessons in school, but many do not go in-depth into what they are being taught, or if it is really true. They’re taught it, they believe it, and then move on, even if the lesson taught is only taken half seriously. Rarely questioned just as a church goers rarely question their sermons or the verses they read. History bears this out in the number of understandings of we have of nature, from how gravity works to the constantly changing facts of paleontology. Skeptics on all sides accuse the other of being brainwashed. All the while, believing that they themselves to be truly individuals or knowing the real truth. Goth lovers may despise how cooperate the world is and where black in rebellion, but somebody told them that wearing black was an act of rebellion. A teen will rebel against their parents and party and have sex, trying to live ‘free’, but it was their peers or their high school culture that told them that was what freedom looked like. The world is full of these contradictions, and this surprisingly makes them universal truths. They are truths because it is what plays out without anyone or anything pulling the strings to bring it about. Those of us caught in it never like to think of ourselves as part of the system we claim to be against. Yet, when taking a step back, we find that while the dressing is different, the cake is still the same. Maybe there is a way out of this and maybe there isn’t, but one thing we can take away from this is that we are all equal in thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs. If there is a way to break out of this cycle, that person must come to their conclusions without exposure or teaching from anything else other than themselves. Otherwise there should not be a need for superiority, because there is none.