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oakley probation We all own a selection of jeans, most of them are lost in the back of the closet or stored away in some crate to be sorted out later on. Typically, we all have two pairs of jeans that we always wear because their fit and style epitomizes who we are. These jeans have become our comfort zone and nobody can tell us otherwise. This Spring-2014, a few changes just may be in order. The rise of the white jeans is taking over. Walk around the malls, the small boutiques on South Congress and downtown and the first thing that is being showcased is jeans in bright white. In fact, when hiking anywhere in Austin, look around you. At least 20 percent of jeans being worn right now are white. But within the next month as the weather begins to stabilize and stay in the mid 70's for more than just a few days, that percentage is going to rise quickly. According to fashion consultants and retailers throughout the metropolitan area, orders for white jeans are higher than ever before. Jenny Syers, a retail consultant for several boutiques throughout the Austin, Round Rock, San Marcos and Georgetown areas, explains why the demand for white jeans is booming. " Frankly, if we examine the jean market over the last decade, the only new silhouette doing well are skinnies. While many women in the 18 to 30 year age group will still buy skinnies this year, the return to the wider leg and the ever popular 'boyfriend' jeans will be on the must have list for those women 40 and over. But all groups of women will have one similar item on their must have list-the white jeans. They are clean and fresh looking and regardless of the style, the color is what is selling this Spring, not the brand or designer." Taking a stroll downtown on a beautiful day in Austin to verify my findings, I always choose to speak with students at U.T. And they are more than happy to share the latest fashion trends that are happening in the capitol city now and in the weeks ahead. Kathy Slater, a sophomore studying theater arts explains,"White is the new blue. I am not saying that we won't wear our blue jeans but for that new look, white jeans have taken over. In the past, I would wear white jeans to go out on a Friday night. But now, I wear my white jeans all the time." Venturing further on campus, I spotted a group of young women and three of the five were sporting their white jeans. I asked them what was going on with this new fashion phenomena. "It is all about change. For the last few years, everything on the fashion front in terms of jeans has basically been the same. Last year, the rage was all about jeans with bright colors. That lasted for about a week or so. White jeans are classy and can be worn with every color. So if you have a colorful selection of solid and print tops, you are set for the spring. But you have to have one or two pairs of white jeans. It is refreshing and gives a new definition to casual weekend wear," details Carolyn Aguiler. Don't worry-you still have plenty of time to shop. If you are a woman who likes to be a member of the fashion brigade, and most of us are, then my advice is to go to your favorite store and buy a pair of white jeans that fit you well. The kind of jeans that will go with your two pairs of blue jeans that you never stop wearing is the way to go. In Texas, white jeans can be worn year round. So if you haven't had a chance to get your pedi yet, you can always wear low or high boots to finish off the look. And while you are deciding on which pair of white jeans to buy, if you find that perfect pair, you may just want to buy an extra one. That is how often you will find yourself wearing white jeans and imagine all the fashionable favorites you can pair with them. Spring 2014 - is all about versatility, variety and lots of colors. And yes... white jeans.