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oakley snowboard goggles McDonald's is expanding their 'build your own burger' initiative, with additional locations rolling out the test menu selection, reports MSN Money on Thursday. The concept was initially limited to select McD’s locations in Laguna Nigel, Calif. Customers there are able to order exactly what they want on their burger – using a touch-screen tablet menu board – including the size of the burger, cheese and a variety of toppings. Kevin Newell, U.S. brand and strategy officer for McDonald's, was mum about where the new test sights would be, or exactly how many would be adding the ala carte topping options. “It'll be more than five, less than a hundred,” Newell said coyly. He did reveal that most test locations would still be centered in Southern California for now. The customized burger initiative is an expansion of McDonald’s “Meal Builder.” According to McDonalds.com, their “Meal Builder” allows you to “take control and create your own meal combinations. You can also get the nutritional breakdown of your favorite menu items… You can use the Meal Builder to subtract cheese from your sandwich, check the protein levels in your salad, or see the components of your kid’s Happy Meal.” McDonald's is looking to keep up with other sandwich and burger franchises that offer customers “wiggle room” in their orders, such as Five Guys and Subway. One national chain that has done extremely well in the “make your own” category is Chipotle. “Customization represents another important opportunity for our business,” Newell said, adding that certain restaurants will be equipped with larger “assembly tables” to accommodate additional ingredients for customers wanting specific toppings. Related Articles: Burger King receipt: Profanity laced BK receipt makes this grandmother cry Taco Bell breakfast: Taco Bell trots out a waffle and egg taco breakfast fare