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oakley sunglasses for women Here's a little slice of perfect for your weekend . . . San Jose native Brooke D. dropped an intimation as to the shape of things to come, posting a new performance video of her latest single, "Close to You." The video is done in Brooke D.'s signature style, with her alone, craned over her audio looper, laying down track layers - one at a time. The song is completely done a cappella - not dissimilar to her last effort, "As We Pictured," but as I soon found out, Brooke D. is set on evolving her sound, even further. I was able to catch the bay area vocal jazz artist/beatboxer/songstress for a comment: ". . . the new album will be released later this year, and will include some instrumental songs as well as the looping ones, since I've been working with a band a bit." As of late, her live performances have included a backing band - namely her own collection of musicians, The Stray Limbs, which features former members of Day One Symphony - David Knight, Steve Barry, and Danny Hellevig. She continued, "As far as the looping/writing process goes, I'm really digging into the idea of simplicity, and bringing more complexity into the melodies." She went on to hint that she plans on collaborating with other artists on the forthcoming release, though details remain open-ended. Until then, click the video above to peep "Close to You," and 'friend' her on Facebook. Furthermore, you can hear "As We Pictured" and the rest of Brooke D.'s catalog via Bandcamp.