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oakley twenty CBS News is reporting today that '48 Hours' will investigate the 1960 unsolved murder of a Texas beauty queen and elementary school teacher. According to police records, Irene Garza vanished over 50 years ago and was later found dead in a canal in McAllen, TX., after making a confession to a priest. The prime suspect in the case was John Feit, a 27-year-old Catholic priest, who was the last person to see the Latina beauty queen alive. The Garza family has always thought the case was a cover-up and have fought to keep Irene Garza's case in the public's memory. Priest John Feit aka John B. Feit was said to have made his own confession to a monk, admitting his role in the rape and murder of the former beauty queen. That confession was made public in 2002, when the former monk decided that it was time to tell the truth. John Feit has always denied any involvement in the rape and murder. He left the priesthood in 1971, 11 years after Garza's murder. The case, which was highlighted in the Texas Monthly, will air Saturday on CBS at 10 p.m. ET/PT